My application at Cairo University (part II)

This is the second part in a series of articles about applying at Cairo University. You’ll find part one here.

Note: I will try to keep the rest of this ‘never-ending’ story a bit shorter, so you won’t get tired of me complaining about Egypt’s great education system.

As I wrote in my previous post, all I needed to wait for was my stamped Diploma Supplement, and then everything would turn out alright. So I was still being a little bit optimistic. I asked the Egyptian Embassy if they could send it to the Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo (NVIC), so it would be safe, fast and cheap. After more than two weeks of waiting, I got impatient and called the Egyptian Embassy. “Yes? Jacob Stoop? Yes I still remember your documents. No, I already sent them two weeks ago. Yes, I’m sure…” It should have been delivered to the NVIC by now.

After these two phone calls, I could only think of this Dutch song (I’m still working on an Arabic translation, will be posted here, of course)…

Because I was sure that the Dutch Mail, PostNL, lost my envelope, I arranged for a new one to be send to Cairo. This would take some time, but there would still be a chance, however small, that I could finish my application. In the mean time, someone from the Netherlands-Flemish Institute contacted the dean of the faculty, in order to get me extra time. The dean wasn’t being very helpful, at all. After explaining the whole situation, she just said: “He is way too late with his application. There’s no way he will be able to study at our faculty this year. Tell him to come back next year.”

Right now, the missing envelope has finally arrived (I assume it has been at the Dutch Embassy for two weeks). (My embassy hasn’t been able or willing to help me at all during this period. They have a few ‘sacred’ rules, and always going by the book is one of them.)  The extra envelope was delivered by DHL this morning. The problem of the stamps has been solved, but I’m afraid it’s already too late. If even the dean of the faculty says it’s not going to happen this year, I don’t know who will be able to help me.

Tomorrow I’m going to the university’s Supreme Council to beg for this very important document called “the equation.” If they say it will take at least a few weeks, as the dean told me, I will tell them “Thanks, but no thanks.” and move on with my life.

This is the second part in a series of articles about applying at Cairo University. You’ll find part one here.


5 thoughts on “My application at Cairo University (part II)

  1. Guess you’ve chosen the best fitting song for this blog..
    And now I come to think of it, the RuG bachelor Languages and Cultures of the Middle East does prepare you for this kind of situations.
    Good luck anyways, and if you’re really desperate you can always pretend to be a guide at the pyramids. 🙂

  2. Wow, lekker bezig Stoop! Zie dat dit een vers bericht is. Hopelijk lukt het en anders zien we je graag snel weer! Kan je gelijk ons appartement bekijken in Utrecht. Xusje uit Amsterdam!

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