Cycling: Fayoum re-visited


The road leading from Lake Qaroun to no-where.

Last weekend, during Easter, I went to Fayoum with some friends. We took a microbus from Moneeb (in Giza) and arrived in Tunis, Fayoum, at 11am. In the afternoon we made a short trip from Tunis at Lake Qaroun to the desert on the other side of the lake. There was a lot of sand on the roads leading from the lake into the desert, because of the sandstorms that occurred in the winter.

Some people who were trying to make the road sand-free warned us for thugs (or Arab al-Gebal, the Mountain Arabs, as they called them), who are allegedly living in the desert after the revolution, and who are smuggling drugs, weapons and other stuff. We didn’t see anyone, except for a few strange guys on motorbikes and a police car… Anyway, we made it back safe and sound. Photos can be viewed on my Flickr page.


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